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A taste celebrated around the world. Insider info: Sweetness is measured by the Brix scale, and Sönmezler is nearly off the charts


Sönmezleris super-sized, making for one big healthy snack. Just try to fit it in your bag.


Sure to bring a smile to anyone who has struggled with hard-to-peel citrus. Sönmezler makes it easy and fun. Can you peel it in one go?

no mess

Bursting with juicy sweetness, but not on your hands. Eating Sönmezler is a no-mess experience and great for an on-the-go snack.


How can an already perfect citrus experience get any better you ask? Sönmezler has no seeds to worry about. Just enjoy it already!


“ Sönmezler Gıda has achieved customer satisfaction by keeping food safety at the forefront in all of its achievements by sticking to the principles of honesty and respect that have brought us to this day, to become the pride of the country in the global market with international norms and quality management standards, to increase its export share day by day and to increase its solution partners and business partners. It takes a step into the future with the mission of supporting its farmers and increasing the welfare level of our country. ”


Sönmezler Gıda has always been an innovative and pioneer in its sector by supporting AR-GE activities, continuing its technological investments without slowing down, being a visionary and pioneering company in order to bring the sector to the level it deserves in the world, ensuring that its products are on the shelves of every market in the world, and a reliable company that is known for its quality. has determined to be a brand as its future vision.


Sönmezler Gıda is one of the visionary companies of the citrus sector, which has been exporting citrus fruits to many countries of the world since its establishment and has adopted the principle of healthy and quality products with its facility investments with the latest technological infrastructure. Sönmezler Gıda took its first step into the sector with the trade of grain products such as corn, wheat and soybean in Istanbul in 1944. In 1988, it entered the status of a Joint Stock Company and took the first step of institutionalization, and today it has become a rapidly growing family company in our country and in the world. Sönmezler Gıda, which has come to a respected place in the licensed warehousing field with its modern investments in the sector, continues its breakthroughs in the field of R&D. Sönmezler Gıda added a new one to its service in 1996, established a citrus packaging factory and started exporting by putting into service its 1000-ton cold air units and yellowing rooms. Since 1996, it has been operating with a capacity of 37,000 tons per year. Sönmezler Gıda is the buyer of the majority of corn produced in the Çukurova region, with a steel silo corn storage capacity of 44.000 tons at its Karataş road central facilities and 39.000 tons at its Yenice facilities, with a total of 83,000 tons of corn storage capacity. It has become the leading corn buyer and seller in the region for 4 generations. Sönmezler Gıda collects fruits from its branches with its certified and controlled production model in all its products. Sonmezler Food; Germany, England, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Belarus, Slovakia, Moldavia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq. citrus products to many countries; It offers products such as lemon, mandarin, orange and grapefruit to the foreign market and plays an active role in the foreign market.